Young Adult Anxiety Group

Is your anxiety interfering with your ability to perform at school or work? Is it getting in the way of forming and keeping friendships and/or relationships? Consider a short term Cognitive Behavioral Group Treatment for young adults (ages 18-23) who are coping with symptoms of anxiety and are negotiating important life transitions such as graduating from high school or college, getting a first job, living away from home, or developing a network of social relationships.

The group will use cognitive-behavioral principles and techniques, including:

  • education about the relationship between anxiety, stress, mood and behavior

  • problem solving

  • coping with anxious thoughts

  • behavioral experience in real life social situations in session and out of session

Who: Young adults, ages 18–23 years, with a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder or related problems

Contact: Jill Domanski, LCSW, at or Shannon Bennett, PhD, at, or by calling 646-962-2820.