Childhood Behavioral Issues


Disruptive behaviors in children are often the common final pathway for a wide variety of childhood concerns.  They can arise from mood disorders, anxiety, poor impulse control and hyperactivity, learning disorders, speech and language disorders, substance abuse and issues in the home environment.

The first step in treating problematic behaviors, such as oppositionality and defiance, is a thorough diagnostic evaluation to assess for any contributing factors.  After a comprehensive evaluation your clinician can target interventions to address those factors that are specific to your child and your situation.  Treatment of behavioral problems in children includes support and training for parents and caregivers in how best to respond to the behaviors, in addition to addressing any underlying disorders present in your child.  Our team provides evidence-based approaches in parent training as part of the overall comprehensive treatment plan for disruptive behaviors.  In addition we can consult with your child’s school when appropriate to assure behavioral interventions are consistent across domains in your child’s life.

Providers Who Specialize in Childhood Behavioral Disorders

The following providers specialize in Childhood Behavioral Issues. Click each name for more information:

Shannon Bennett, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Angela Chiu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Pamelynn Esperanza, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Avital Falk, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Michael Grody, MD
Instructor in Psychiatry

Annie Li, MD
Assistant Attending Psychiatrist

Justin Mohatt, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Donald Nathanson, LCSW
Staff Associate in Psychiatry

Khadijah Watkins, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry